Samlaget Agency is an independent in-house literary agency for children’s books published by Det Norske Samlaget. Det Norske Samlaget is one of the oldest publishing houses in Norway, still remaining independent. It was established in 1868 with the purpose of publishing high quality literature in neo-Norwegian. Det Norske Samlaget has always taken great pride in their children’s books, and Samlaget Agency pays credit to a long-standing tradition of developing the best books for the most important audience – the children and young adults.

Samlaget Agency consists of Elen Betanzo and Merete Pharo. Betanzo also works as editor of children’s books in Samlaget, and has a degree in journalism and Nordic literature. Pharo has worked for several years in the book trade, and has a degree in history.

Contact: rights@samlaget.no